Saturday, October 3, 2009

Walking and motivation

Motivation is a strange thing.  I have come to notice that things I never would have thought would motivate me, have actually been encouraging me in the background.    Las Vegas has a very weird tempature setting.   5 days it go it was in the 100 degree tempatures.   The past 4days have all been wonderfully weathered, in the 70-80's range.  Indicating that we are in fact in our fall climate.  The weather, has inspired me to try some more out doors activities.  I used to go to the gym all the time.  And dont get me wrong I love the work outs, but with money being tight at the moment I had to give it up.   Does that mean I have to give up fitness?  Nope.   So my sister and I and our little Maltese, Jax, all loaded up and drove up to the park.  Our park has a mini man made lake in the middle of it with a mile long jogging track built around this lake.  I decided why not take the dog and see how well I did.    The first time we only went around once.  It was all right, but with the dog stopping to pee on just about everything it was a little slower and not as strenuous a work out as I really wanted.  Yesterday though Jax was a bad puppy and so he couldn't go to the park with us.  And trying to keep up with my sister, whom up until recently walked to work for two years, proved to be the work out I needed.   We did two miles (twice around) and I felt like I got a great work out.  Lugging 350lbs around is not an easy feet though and my body decided to tell me so.   I stand on my feet all night at work, and by the time I got off work I could barely walk to my car my poor tootsie's hurt so bad.  I think this is a combination of worn out work shoes and poor quality walking shoes.  So my next adventure is to purchase new shoes for both walking and working oh boy! Despite waking up this morning in pain, my quads, feet and knees where a little upset, I can't wait to go walking again tomorrow.  I've decided for my own sanity that i'll keep it every other day for now. I'm becoming addicted to being outside though.  Its so beautiful at our park. The soft breeze and perfect weather.   We do eventually have a goal of being able to jog the jogging track, but one step at a time.  Someone told me once that if you do it inch by inch, it'll be done in a cinch.  I remind myself that when I'm huffing and puffing to catch up to my faster sister.  I've even looked into a few local hiking area's with some beginners trails.  I believe I'll be trying one as a reward for hitting my 5 percent goal.

Speaking of weight loss I weighed in on Friday and lost 3.6lbs.  putting me at 356.8.  I was a little bummed that it wasn't more, which encouraged me to do even better this week.  I did however celebrate with the fact that i havn't been in the 350 range in almost a year.  So any loss is a beautiful thing for me.  I am proud of myself and that alone has made tracking, focusing and staying on program relatively easy.

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  1. That was a great WI and walking is my favorite thing to do when I can. You don't need any fancy memberships and it's great to do with friends!!!