Friday, October 2, 2009

So far...

Okay this is strange. The past week I've eaten more food per day than I can remember eating in a LONG LONG time.  According to my weight watchers point allowance I have to eat 44 points worth of food.  You may not think so, but that is ALOT of food.   Especially when you make healthier choices.  The more fruits and veggies you fill up on, the less points you use.  There where some days I did go over, I wont lie.  But i have been EXTREMELY honest with myself.  Every bite, gulp or sip that has passed these lips  has been accounted for.   And I still didn't use all of my bonus weekly points.  

I'm still not sure what the scale results will show, and I couldn't figure out how eating so much food is supposed to help me lose weight.  So I did the next best thing, I joined a Weight Watchers Forum, called bootcamp buddies.  A bunch of people that are lifers, or working on becoming lifers.  All of them at various stages in the WW life process.  and so much knowledge its amazing.   I asked "how can I be eating so much food and still losing weight".    Turns out someone of my body weight used to eat  70 to -75 points a day just to maintain that size.  So by cutting myself down to 44 points a day I am in fact creating a calorie deficit that will enable me to lose weight.   It makes sense, but I was still skeptical.  So what do you do when your skeptical, Jump on a scale and see what it says!

Now, let me be very very clear.  When you start this program, they tell you to dump your scale out the window.  You should only weigh yourself once a week, and usually at the same time, in the same clothes. I couldn't help it though, I just had to know if I was losing anything.    I have a digital scale that goes up pretty high, but sadly (not to mention extremely embarrassingly)  the last 5 months of me trying to use it, it has given me an E rror message.  Meaning I out weighed my scales weighing capacity.  This is when you know you have to do something.    Well despite my own fear and doubt, I stepped on my home scale, and low and behold not only did it work for me but it read 357.2 lbs   down 3 lbs from my official weigh in weight, and an actual 10 lbs from my mental start of this new life style.  So in short...the eating more food DOES seem to work.   (mind you i stepped on the scale in the evening, after two meals and just having walked a mile at the park- meaning I might even do better at my official weekly weigh at noon today!!)Mother nature herself is conspiring against me though. Wouldn't you know the day before my second weigh in, I get my period. haha.. I get turned into the human super sponge and now I get to face a scale.   AHHH you gotta love life.   If you can't laugh at the irony then your only other choice is to be bitter.   So I chuckle, and by god I'm wearing my comfy period clothes tomorrow, i don't care what ANYONE Says!

I'll be back with a double post today to add how the weigh in went. and to focus on my first small excersize goal to add into my nutrition.

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  1. I had to donate my scale to work friends....I got a little too scale happy. Go Pee, weigh myself. Take a shower, weigh myself (no towel), dressed in wi outfit, weigh myself.

    Do you see the the scale is here at work and I never get on it...I go once a week and see the results that I pay for *S*

    But it took me a LONG time to figure that out!!