Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Disaster can bring forth good things

On Monday I failed MISERABLY to stick to my points plan.  I was good up until the evening.  My best guy friend in the world just broke up with his gf, and wanted to come and hang out and have best friend time.  And basically talk to the coolest chic in his life =D  (hey everyone gets to be narcissistic sometimes)  So I figured okay, I can do this, I can make some lower calorie drinks, we already ate a low cal dinner so I'm good to go.

Not so much.. we invited my sisters boyfriend over and got the drinking on. After two drinks and some talking I started to feel the curlings of hunger or something gnawing at me.  I ignored it.   About an hour later, and a poorly made decision on my part found me with some munchie grumblings in my tummy.  Drunk and not quite in my right mind, I scoured the fridge.  Thats where it all goes down hill. Before I even know it, i'm scooping out left over chili with some tortilla with lime chips.....and even later than that I down 2/3's a box of mac N Cheese with hamburger and peas.   My god.
I was ashamed of myself the next day. So I stubbornly decided to not track anything and toss it up to a really really bad day, and get back on program on tuesday.   I did however step on the scale to see my damage, I shouldn't have done that, it in no way reinforced my desire to keep going.  I've asked my sister to take my scale and put it in her bathroom, a room i wont venture into even if you paid me!  Tuesday my car started to take a dive on me.. YAY..(sarcasm)   The ac compressor in my sante fe decided to take a long walk off a very short pier.  Now my belt is starting to wear down.  Mechanic told me the part itself is  475, and the labor would be about 450. RIIIIIIGHT  i'll just pull that out of my bunny hole.  Well luckily my boyfriend tends to be somewhat smart.  We started looking online for rebuilt/lower priced ac compressors for my vehicle.  Low and behold I found one for half the price the mechanic quoted me.   Now i'm just gonna do some auto repair shopping and find out who will put it in for the cheapest price. Since i'm just paying for labor.  I wouldnt' be so stressed about this, except i'm moving in about 3 weeks, and I need 1000 for that little project.  so spending 1000 on a car repair is NOT really an option. With all this stress, I have found something out, my habits ARE changing.  Usually when i'm stressed out, I want to sit down with a pizza and some icecream.. I actually UNDERate on tuesday.  I came up 10 points shy of my daily total.  I was surprised and happy with my change of attutide towards emotional eating, but still bummed I came up shy of my points.  Its important to eat all the food your allowed.

Today my sister made me sit down and calculate my disasterous monday night munchie fest.  I had to face the music. As bad as it was, I am really glad I did it.  It turns out my daily total for monday was 63 points. I get a daily allowance of 43.  So i went 20 points over.  Which put my weekly ponus points at 5.  At least now I know, so I can stay on track for the rest of the week, without thinking I still had 25 bonus points left.   Like she said.."one shitty day doesn't mean your week is over."   

So thats my note to all of you,  IF and WHEN you have a bad day,  be honest with yourself.  Dont hide it or deflect it.  Face it head on, acknowledge where you messed up, own up to it, and then move on.  Holding yourself accountable for what you did is the ONLY way to keep you going.   And remember, One bad day does not destroy everything your working for =D

btw as an update from earlier posts, my currently unemployed NOW EMPLOYED!!!! out of a job three weeks to the day, and she walked in and got a job at a really nice sandwhich shop.  So thats another stressor down..

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  1. Good Job literally for your sister!!

    Don't worry about that ONE'll live to have more good ones!!!