Friday, January 8, 2010

back on track

So i'm back.   This is just a short post to affirm my "backness" though I never really quit. I've been on, reading the blogs from my favorite posters.  I just didn't really have anything to contribute.  4 weeks ago today I went to a meeting and weighed in at 353lbs.   Then the holidays came, and I was for sure that no matter what my good intentions where I had blown my weight loss.  Due to lack of money I skipped out on 4 meetings, and refused to step on a scale.  Then about a week and a half ago I braved my fears and got back on.   I was at 352. haha.  It was awesome to know that despite my own mental issue's and the fact that I had THOUGHT I was a huge failure, I had in fact come out okay through this season.  So I called my WW buddy, and we both decided it was time to get back on track.   Still lacking money though I almost didn't go to my meeting today.  Thanks to the support of my boyfriend,(loaning me some cash till payday)  I was able to go and get myself settled and back in the mix of things.   At my weigh in today i was delighted to find that i was at 351.    These small changes and losses amaze me, because I honestly havn't been doing much in the way of TRYING to lose weight.  So the fact that I'm still able to keep a small loss makes me more than determined to get back out there.

On a side note, I think its time to make a dr's visit.   I've lived with a cyst on my ovary for years,  and due to all the metabolism changes and the exersize ups and downs I've put my self through, I feel like there is something going on inside me that needs to be checked up on.  I've been checking for any weird lumps of flesh or anything that might be more than what i already expected and havn't found anything. But I'm going to have to face my intense fear of DR's and go get this taken care of.  Also  I want to know where I stand now, so as I get healthier I can see the postitive changes losing weight and being active take on me.

I took this picture a week ago, to remind myself not to let stress run my life lol.   oh and the chargers are going to the super bowl! =D!

Happy New years!