Thursday, September 10, 2009

To Join or not to Join

As I sit here listening to the not so rythmic beat of my boyfriend trying to master the drums on his brand new Beatles Rockband he bought to day, I keep looking at my finances and ask myself, "is my health worth splurging an extra 120 dollars to join weight watchers?" Strange question huh? Is my health worth more than 120 dollars? The truth is yes. The inner turmoil comes from the fact that my sister and I, (we share an apartment) are looking to move in about 6 weeks. So I'm supposed to be saving all my money to help with this move.

I'm trying to weigh (yay for puns) the pro's and the con's. I did check and they have a cheaper starting price, for 4 weeks its 44 dollars. But I'm not sure if that includes the "free registration" price or if thats on top of the registration, and if i'm gonna end up paying 84 dollars in total for one month I might as well go ahead and spend 120 for 2 and a half months.. Makes sense to me.

I have been curious about the WW system for some time. I tried the online version, and promptly gave up, only because I really wasn't committed enough to come on everyday and keep a record of what i was eating. But for the past 5 months I have been making small goals to track what I eat, and how I work out, getting myself in the habit. Same with this blog here. Making myself write something even if I don't feel like it.

I think I'm just hedging really not because of the money, but because I really don't feel like trying and quitting something again. Though this time I have a partner to help me out. The idea of being motivated for a weekly meeting and weigh in appeals a lot to me. Especially since in the past everything I have tried on my own, with little support around me has ultimately failed. I know I have to start something....

oh what to do.. I hate waffling on a decision!

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  1. Getting to the point where I even started to think of asking this question - is my health worth this - took me quite some time. Sometimes I still have to ask it when there is food that I've spent money on but don't like. I feel like I should force myself to eat it because otherwise I'm wasting money. It's like I think my health is worth less than the cost of food.

    I can very much understand not wanting to start and stop something. The "failure" is worse than not trying at all in many cases.