Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Dance your Ass Off

Okay this show is amazing! Sad to say I never got into the "biggest loser" show. Mostly because I know that as gung ho as I am about making a change in my life, I don't think I could relate to someone doing the kind of excersize and seeing the weight drop of at such a rapid pace. nor am I a big fan of the lifetime or the oxygen channel. One day I while I was channel surfing U just happened to land on the Oxygen network. It was there that I saw this commercial for this show, that incorporated a challenge to lose weight while being the best dancer. I LOVE dance shows. So you think you can dance, America's best dance crew. Movies about dancers (step up 1 and 2, save the last dance) you name it I LOVE IT. One of my all time favorite movies is a very not well known movie called Strictly Ballroom. Its a little melodramatic, but the main actor is cute and its a heartwarming story about fear.

Anyway, Back to the show. It was during this show, I realized something. I love to dance, and if these people who are big like me can shake their stuff out there and look amazing then why can't I? I used to go out dancing all the time at the clubs with my friends a few years ago. Practically every night. My friends would be floored when various people would come up to me and say that they loved the way I moved and that I was great on the floor. See big people!!! never be afraid of something you love, just because of your extra poundage.

This is probably the best weight loss show I have ever watched. If your into inspiring, motivating tv shows, than this is for you. They have men and women both competing. And as each week passes you fall in love with the contestants more and more. By the end of this first season I wanted them all to win because I really couldn't pick just one that deserved it more than the rest.

Check it out, Google "dance your ass off" and see how these people changed their lives for the better, and learned how to love themselves. I know it has inspired me beyond belief.

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  1. I haven't heard of that show... sounds very cool. Sometimes when a song plays that I really like I just start dancing around my house.

    I never wathced Biggest Loser either but I do think I am going to give it a shot this season.