Sunday, September 13, 2009

So Fate steps in

I was wishy washy about forking out the money for weight watchers. I'm glad I did wait, at least this week. On Thursday I was driving around town running errands and such. I kept noticing that every time I started my car it seemed sluggish to start. It didn't really roar to life or anything. This didn't really seem normal. Three time in the past month and a half my car battery has died for some really insignificant reason. So I pull into the gas station to fill up, leaving my car door open, which inevitably leaves the dome light on. 4 minutes later I'm in the car and ready to go, except now my car wont turn over! The battery died. From sitting there with the dome light on for 5 minutes! Thank GOD my boyfriend, being the nice guy that he is, bought me a pair of jumper cables a couple weeks ago. (men think of stuff like this... its amazing!) Unfortunatly he was on the other side of town, with his own car troubles so he couldn't come save me like a knight in shining armor. So he says "your a girl, pull out the cables and go do your girl thing" Sure enough, it worked. I walked over to a young looking guy who was dressed in that trendy punk style. You know, the style that says "hey i'm into punk and emo, but I drive a Mercedes and hang out at starbucks" I wondered over to him, and asked him politely if he could give me a jump. He hesitated at first, which i found out later was because he had NO idea what he was doing lol.

He pulls his car around, pops the hood and turns it off. So as I'm hooking the cars up, I realize his car isn't on. I told him he should turn his car on so he doesn't short out his battery and he says to me.."ooh that doesn't matter". When in fact it DOES, how do i know? Trial and error baby trial and error lol. Sure enough right as he's about to go to hook his cables up, a man steps up and says "hey you guys need some help?" Thankfully I said.."YES!" He comes over and the first thing he tells the guy is "son, you need to have your car running if your gonna jump her battery" So the kid goes and turns it on like "oh yeah i knew that" .......WTF i had JUST told him that. Apparently having ovaries makes you mechanically handicapped. Well anyway we got my car started, and the man told me to drive right over to auto zone because he thought I had a bad battery.

Sure enough, 80 bucks later (the money I was going to use for weight watchers) I had a brand new battery to go driving around town in. YAY.

I still am going to join WW. My friend at work, that would be my weight loss buddy , started it on friday and she's enjoying it. So i'm working on small concessions to get me ready. Such as cutting out soda from my diet and making sure I drink alot more water. Hopefully next payday I'll have enough to at least get me started.

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  1. My sister really enjoyed WW and she lost a lot of weight on it... I hope you enjoy it.

    Good job with the battery I love it when I can do "guy stuff" better than a guy.