Thursday, December 10, 2009

first 11 weeks

So the first 11 weeks of my weight watchers experience has come to an end.  I say the first 11 weeks, because I plan to keep on with this journey.  as of my weigh in last Friday I was at an even 353.   I have to say I'm not as excited with my progress as I had hoped I would be.  But over all its still a loss that I have kept off.

12 weeks ago I weighed 367 lbs.   so i've lost and kept off 14 lbs. I still have a long long way to go. 

This week I'm taking off from the meeting. Only because I need to regroup. I know this program works for me, I just seem to be having off days lately.  And its kind of bringing me down.  I am missing out on a key ingredient as well. Exercise.  I used to excercise almost everyday. Not so much in the past 5 months.  But I rejoined a gym last payday. And its opening day is tomorrow.  I plan to kick that into high gear.  Get a plan of action developed for the fat burning i want to do.

My sister brought home a book from work called 101 things you need to do before you diet.  I kind of laughed, as I flippantly perused the introduction, only to be knocked on my butt with an emotion I'm not even sure I can define.   Though the title has the word diet in it, it is NOT a diet book.  Its a profound revelation of why dieting doesn't work and can inevitably lead to weight gain itself.   Obesity has become a disease where in the cure is the cause.   To lose weight we all have done just about everything. we can to shed pounds and look at our selves with a semblance of self worth.  In the end we usually fail and end up hating ourselves. thereby insuring that not only do we gain weight but the one tool we need to FIGHT obesity is ground in obscurity.   What is that one too?  Its our own self esteem, and feeling of self worth.  CONFIDENCE.
with out confidence and love for ourselves we will never be able to successfully destroy bad habits and change our lives.   Diets dont work.... anything you have to do to lose weight you will have to continue on doing for the rest of your life.  So you need to find that thing that makes you successful.  

Thats why i enjoy weight watchers so much.   I've never felt like I lack anything.  Instead of feeling guilt or remorse for food, I own up to it.  I enjoy. And I have established a relationship with how I consume food in my daily life.  I healthy WORKING relationship.

So i say NO to the DIEt and yes to the LIVE-IT.  =)

I'll be starting a work out activity log as soon as the gym opens up.

Here's to getting back on track and staying focused

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  1. I just found your blog and its great you've lost weight, have joined WW and have a great attitude. Here's to an awesome LIVE IT 2010.